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Revival 2014 - Evangelist Davy Boggs & Family


New Year's Eve Watchnight Service 2014 |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 31, 2014  |  59:22 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Bethany traditionally brings in the new year praising God, and God has always blessed the service. Following two special

songs that were sung, Pastor John preaches a message, Get Ready for the Fire to Fall, that sets the focus for 2015.

Untying the Lord's Hands |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 28, 2014  |  46:58 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

God is all powerful. He is able and willing to do mighty things for His people. But we can unknowingly tie His
hands to where He cannot do the things that He would. Learn how you can untie the hands of the Lord.

Set Your Heart to Seek the Lord |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 21, 2014 pm  |  37:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

King David charged his son Solomon and the princes of Israel to build a temple for the Lord. This sermon looks at the final
​words of that charge, found in I Chronicles 22:19, and how they apply to us today.

Why Jesus?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
December 21, 2014 am  |  41:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
If someone asked you why Jesus came and why He died the way He did, would you know the answer?
​In response to a leading magazine's article that posed the question why Jesus died, not one person
​who ​wrote a letter to the editor offered a biblical reason for the death of the Son of God.

Do You Know Jesus As Lord? |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 14, 2014  |  51:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
You may have received Christ as Savior, but do you know Him as Lord?

Do You Know Who You Are?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
December 7, 2014 pm  |  63:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
If you're saved, you received all you need for victorious living. A key to experiencing that victory is knowing who you are in
​Christ because of what He accomplished at Calvary.

God's Transforming Power
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
December 7, 2014 am  |  55:21 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This sermon draws a parallel between God's display of creative power in Genesis 1 and his ability to transform your life.

Three Keys to Spiritual Success
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 30, 2014  |  52:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

The Apostle Paul was arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Christians and preachers who ever lived. Three keys

to his spiritual success can be gleaned from Acts chapter nine, and these keys can be applied to your life as well.

The Grace of God
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 23, 2014  |  46:55 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

A rich teaching on the benefits, requirements and empowering of the grace of God.

What Jehoshaphat Could Not Stand On
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 14
, 2014  |  40:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
King Jehoshaphat's prayer in II Chronicles 20 touched God and moved His hand against all odds to bring a great victory. He stood
in faith on several things we also can stand on. But there's one more thing we can stand on that Jehoshaphat couldn't.
​​(This message was preached at the First Church of God in Christ in Wichita, KS.)

​The Refiner's Fire
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 16, 2014  |  52:59 min:sec  |  Download

Fiery trials for a Christian are unavoidable.  It's encouraging to know they serve a purpose. This

sermon looks at three purposes for hard trials and five positive effects that will result.

We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 12, 2014  |  51:31 min:sec  |  Download

Examining three passages of Scripture, this sermon brings out a pattern to be followed for walking by faith and not

by sight in the midst of hopeless situations, so that you can come out victorious.

Authentic Discipleship
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 9, 2014  |  54:05 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This sermon addresses the question: If you're a believer in Jesus Christ, are you a true disciple?

The Presence of God
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
November 2, 2014 pm  |  60:32 min:sec  |  Download

In the presence of God is found everything that everyone needs and longs for. Sadly, however, most people

run from God's presence, instead of toward Him.

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 2, 2014 am  |  48:37 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Crucifixion is an extremely slow and painful form of capital punishment. Why then did Jesus, the holy and sinless Son of God, submit Himself
to such a thing?
(Due to technical difficulties, the very beginning of the Scripture reading from Luke 22 wasn't recorded..)

Are You Dealing with Your "Little" Sins? |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 26, 2014 pm  |  59:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Sometimes in God's love He must correct our ways. Often, it's not the "big" things that hinder us, but it's the "little foxes that spoil

​the vine" (Song of Solomon 2:15).  This teaching message deals with three areas of carnality that can hinder you personally and

hinder the move of God in your church.

How Intimately Do You Know God?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 26, 2014 am  |  57:00 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Everyone wants to find happiness, fulfillment, contentment and wholeness.  But sadly, most people, even in the church

world, look for these things in the wrong places. The answer is simple, but few seem to find it.

Crossing Over to the Place of No Return
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 22, 2014  |  63:12 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

If you've determined to go all the way with God, there will be times you have to face things—hard things—square on and,

through God's help and grace, decide there's no turning back: I must cross over to the place where there's no return.

The Multitude Melted Away
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 19, 2014  |  60:42 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

As you take baby steps of faith, God will bring you to the place where you'll face and conquer the things that are

overwhelming to you.

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 12, 2014 pm  |  53:53 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Looking at the track record of God, this faith-building message inspires you to look away from your own inabilities and to trust

in the unlimited ability of God.

God's Redemption Plan
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 12, 2014 am  |  41:33 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Jesus drew from an obscure passage in the Old Testament to reveal powerfully the need of every human being

and God's provision to meet that need: in other words, God's redemption plan,

The Great Solution
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 8, 2014  |  53:12 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

There was a Great Divide that occurred that brought about a Great Dilemma.  But God, in His infinite

wisdom, had The Great Solution.

So Send I You - Part 5 ("Restoring Your Love")
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
October 5, 2014  |  65:04 min:sec  |  Download | Notes

To be effective in God's work you must have a deep love for God and for people.  This message looks at the importance of love and

what to do when you find your love isn't what it should be. 

So Send I You - Part 4 ("Restoration Cont'd")
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 28, 2014 pm  |  61:55 min:sec  |  Download

Part four of this series continues on the subject of restoration and emphasizes the truth that God is reaching for plundered lives

to restore. 

So Send I You - Part 3 ("Reconciliation & Restoration")
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 28, 2014 am  |  63:01 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Part three of this series ​focuses on the heart of the Great Commission: working to bring people to believing the gospel and discipling them to maturity

in other words, Reconciliation and Restoration.

The Faith of Bartimaeus |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 24, 2014  |  54:14 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

To be successful in an area, it can be beneficial to study others who were successful. When it comes to 

receiving a miracle from God, much can be learned from the faith of those in the Bible who received a miracle.

A great example to study is the faith of Bartimaeus.

Our Unchanging God
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 21, 2014 pm  |  51:19 min:sec  |  Download

In an ever-changing world, one of the most wonderful characteristics about God is that He does not

changeHe is the same, yesterday, today and forever! That means that no matter what is going on, God

will be faithful to see you through and bring you to the other side.

So Send I You - Part 2 ("Seeing the Need") |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 21, 2014 am  |  54:46 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

God wants to use your life, but to be useful in God's kingdom, you must get prepared. That's what this series is all about. This second

message in the series is subtitled, Seeing the Need. 

Will You Be Made Whole?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 17, 2014  |  46:31 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

It doesn't matter what the situation is or how long you've been in it. The question Jesus would ask is, "Will you be made

whole?" As we see in the Scripture text being examined, if you get your eyes on Him, He can do it—without human

assistance and in spite of how impossible and hopeless your situation is.

So Send I You - Part 1 ("Catching the Vision") |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 14, 2014  |  60:36 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This is part one in a series about letting the Lord use you in whatever capacity He has chosen to reach souls and disciple them to

maturity.  This stirring message is subtitled, Catching the Vision.

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 10, 2014  |  49:48 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This is the most important question a person should ask. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, told a religious man one day, "You

must be born again." This didn't just apply to that one man - it applies to every person who desires to understand and enter

the kingdom of heaven.

Keep Praying and Don't Faint
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
September 7, 2014  |  47:57 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

One of the hardest things as a Christian is not to grow weary praying as you wait on God to move on your behalf and

fulfill a promise. This sermon is an encouragement to keep on praying and not to faint.

You Can Stand, You Can Walk, You Can Run
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 31, 2014  |  57:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Not a pep talk touting human potential, this faith-building sermon drives home the point that no matter how many times you may have

fallen spiritually, and no matter how long you've failed, through God you can stand, you can walk, and you can run. 

Seek Ye the Lord
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 24, 2014 pm  |  48:01 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Isaiah wrote that we should seek the Lord while He may be found and call upon Him while He is near. What

does "while He may be found" and "while He is near" mean, and how does one go about seeking the Lord?

Are You Ready to Stand for Jesus?  |  Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  August 24, 2014 am  |  55:24 min:sec  |  Download

An unplanned exhortation by Pastor Judy to wake up out of spiritual slumber and get serious with God in this dark

and evil time, no longer conforming to other people or this world, but to the Word of God, allowing God to bring

a cleansing in our midst.

Iron Sharpens Iron
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 20, 2014  |  47:50 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Paul's prayer for the Galatian church was that Christ would be formed in them. This is the cry of every true

child of God. Much of this process happens as we interact with other peopleas our mutual imperfections

rub on one another. There are some things to do and not to do, however, so that this  sharpening process

has its desired results.

​Don't Lose Hope Till You Receive Help
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 17, 2014 pm  |  38:02
 min:sec  |  Download

A sequel to the morning message, The Lord Is My Helper.

Iron Sharpens Iron
|  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 20, 2014  |  47:50 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Paul's prayer for the Galatian church was that Christ would be formed in them. This is the cry of every true

child of God. Much of this process happens as we interact with other peopleas our mutual imperfections

rub on one another. There are some things to do and not to do, however, so that this  sharpening process

has its desired results.

Don't Lose Hope Till You Receive Help
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 17, 2014 pm  |  38:02
 min:sec  |  Download

A sequel to the morning message, The Lord Is My Helper.

The Lord Is My Helper
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 17, 2014 am  |  45:00 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

You may be going through a dark and lonely time, but don't lose hope! This is an encouraging message that the

Lord will never leave you or forsake you, and that He will help you and see you through.

Touching Jesus . . . and More
  |  Mary Buckley  |  
August 10, 2014  |  58:03 min:sec  |  Download

Maybe you've suffered from a paralyzing mindset that says, "I've always been this way and I'll never

change. There's no hope for me." If this describes youor even if your issue is less severethis sermon

is for you. The message also addresses what it takes to be able to stand in these last evil days.

Seven Freedoms Christ Brings
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 6, 2014  |  42:48 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Jesus said that if you continue in His word, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. This sermon looks

at seven things the Lord will free you from as you continue in Him and in His word.

The Storms of Life
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
August 3, 2014  |  47:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Storms come to everyone, saved and sinner alike. Some storms, even to Christians, are so severe, they test

you to the very core.  However, you can make it through them successfully if you ​know and do certain things.

The Power of Words
|  Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  
July 30, 2014 pm  |  58:18 min:sec  |  Download

Words are powerful! Therefore, be careful that the words you take in or that you speak to others

would encourage faith in God and His promises, and not discourage it.

Jesus of Nazareth Is Still Passing By  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 27, 2014 pm  |  51:42 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Bartimaeus received the miracle he was seeking from Jesus. And there are several things that can be seen in Bartimaeus' faith

which can help you receive the answers you need from God.


How to Draw Near to God - Part 4  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 27, 2014 am  |  52:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This final message in the series on how to draw near to God delves in depth into what it means to come to Him "in full

assurance of faith."

David and His Men  |  Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  July 23, 2014  |  58:00 min:sec  |  Download
God took David from the sheepfold, gave him a band of miserable men, and by His power and
might turned them into an army of mighty men who fulfilled a mission. The story is an

encouragement of what God can do with you as you let Him have His way in your life.

  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
July 20, 2014 pm  |  43:27 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God provided deliverance for you on the cross of Jesus Christ; He promised it to you in His Word;

and it can be experienced in your life. That means liberation from anything holding you captive:

outwards sins, addictions, inward sins, and emotional baggage.

How to Draw Near to God - Part 3  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 20, 2014 am  |  50:43 min:sec  |  Download

This third message about how to draw near to God focuses on renouncing dishonesty of heart. To get anywhere
with God, you must become transparent and honest
with yourself, with God, and sometimes with another trusted
about your faults, failures and struggles.

​Slaying Your Goliath  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 16, 2014  |  56:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Though we don't glorify the devil, we do need to be reminded often that we do have a formidable
adversary and that he has already been defeated. Using the familiar account of young David slaying
Goliath, this sermon instructs you how to effectively face and overcome the giants in your life.

​How to Draw Near to God - Part 2
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
July 13, 2014  |  65:20 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This sermon continues the message begun last week and delves into the nitty gritty area of repenting from all sin as a
necessary ingredient for experiencing the fullness of the blessing of drawing near to God.

To Those Going Through Storms  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 6, 2014 pm  |  51:01 min:sec  |  Download
Three things to know when you go through the storms of life.

How to Draw Near to God - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 6, 2014 am  |  51:05 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
In God's presence all blessings are found - both eternal and temporal.. And everyone needs to draw near ​to God: sinner
​and saint, happy and sad, sick and well. This sermon begins a message on how to draw near to God.

A Useful Vessel  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 2, 2014  |  42:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Becoming a useful vessel in God's hands doesn't just happenit takes preparation. And this
requires an active involvement on your part. Using the letters "U," "S," "E," "D," as a way of
remembering them, this sermon gives four keys for becoming a useful vessel..

The Power of Repentance  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 25, 2014  |  51:13 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The modern church avoids the subject of repentance, but the New Testament places much emphasis upon it. This
​message will cause you to understand what true repentance is so you may experience its life-changing power.

​Victory in Jesus
  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  
June 22, 2014  |  51:39 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
I John 5:.3-5 gives God's "formula" for a victorious life. Understanding this passage in your heart will bring
​you into the place where you can conquer sin and overcome the world.

Why Such a Visitation?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 18, 2014  |  51:52 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God does everything for a reason.  Why would He appear to a few shepherds at night and give them such a glorious
visitation, but then have them go and search for the right manger in which was born the Messiah, Jesus? And why
would God visit you in a way you can't deny and only give you a partial picture of what He has planned for your life?
Luke 2:8-18 gives some clues.

Strength for the Journey  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 15, 2014 pm  |  52:43 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

After a great victory, Elijah, the great man of God, became very discouraged, to the point of wanting to die.  This sermon

gives insight on why this may have happened to him, so you can avoid it happening to you and receive strength for your

journey through life.

Persevering in the Faith  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 15, 2014 am  |  41:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Persevering through tough times doesn't just happen.  It also doesn't depend on a feeling, but on a decision and a

commitment to the Lord based on certain truths God has set forth in His Word.

The Lord's Touch  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 8, 2014 pm  |  49:39 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

When things seem out of control and you don't know what to do, you may think that what you need is wisdom and

direction.  But often, what you need first and most is simply a touch from the Lord. 

The Most Important Question  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 8, 2014 am  |  53:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

There are many questions you could ask, and some of them are of great importance.  But there is one question every person

needs to ask and have answered for themselves.

The Power of Choice  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 1, 2014 pm  |  46:01 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

In the morning message, Pastor John focused on the Lord's part in you being lifted up out of whatever situation may

drag you down. This message focuses on the very critical part you play in the process so the Lord can lift you up and

bring you ​through.

The Lord Shall Lift Me Up  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 1, 2014 am  |  45:42 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

If you're cast down by sin or beaten down by Satan, there are three things you need to know so the Lord can lift you up.

Seeing Souls Through  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 28, 2014  |  43:47 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Seeing people through to victory in their lives isn't always easy.  As with Peter, Satan desires to sift people as wheat.

But there are things you can do when working with souls to help them not to lose faith but, rather, come out on

top, able to strengthen others.

Experiencing the Fullness of Canaan  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 25, 2014  |  62:22 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Canaan - the Promised Land - represents the abundant life in Christ.  In one sense it also represents heaven, but unlike Canaan, in heaven

there are no giants to conquer.  For you, there are spiritual giants to face (some of which are huge!) and spiritual battles to win to

experience the fullness of the blessing Christ purchased for you on the cross of Calvary.

Going Deeper with God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 21, 2014  |  55:04 min:sec  |  Download

God puts the desire in the hearts of His people to ever go deeper with Him.  This sermon puts forth three

things for you to do to go deeper with God.

Living a Consecrated Life  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 18, 2014  |  52:14 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Every true Christian desires to find and live out the perfect will of God for their lives. And the will of God entails more

more than just what you do.  This sermon will show you how to find and experience the plan of God for your life.

Just a Certain Woman  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 30, 2014  |  52:40 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

No one in the Bible had to be a special person to receive a miracle from Jesus.   It also didn't matter how desperate

the situation was.  All that was required was faith, and that's all you need too. 

The Name of the Lord of Hosts  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 30, 2014  |  59:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

When David faced Goliath, he told him he wasn't coming against him with natural weapons but "in the name of the

LORD of hosts." This sermon brings out what it means to do something "in the name of the Lord" and, specifically,

"the name of the Lord of hosts."

The Sower and the Seed  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 27, 2014  |  52:16 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Do you want to grow spiritually, or understand why, perhaps, your spiritual growth has been stunted or hindered?

This sermon helps to answer both of these questions and gives specific instructions for becoming a strong,

fruitful Christian.

Do You Have 20 / 20 Vision?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 20, 2014  |  58:48 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

John 20:20.says that the after Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples were glad "when they saw the Lord."  Using a play on

words, Pastor John preaches how when you see (spiritually) the risen Lord, it brings your spiritual eyesight into perfect

20 / 20 vision: about Who Jesus is and what the cross is all about; and about your life,  which will all of a sudden find

meaning and direction.

The Devil's in the Phone Booth Dialing 9-1-1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 16, 2014  |  49:30 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

The Bible lets you know you have an enemy who is out to destroy you. But it also lets you know you have power and authority over him.

To experience this victory as a reality in your life, however, there is something you must be​, something you must know, and something

you must do.

Take Courage  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 13, 2014  |  44:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

It takes courage - at times, great courage - to stand firm in the Lord and face the mountains that are

​before you.  This faith-building sermon defines courage, and shows you where to get it and why

you have every ​reason to be courageous as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Preparation for a Visitation  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 9, 2014  |  39:56 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

A great move of God - whether it be a mighty, sweeping revival, or where God brings victory or deliverance to an

area of your life - requires proper preparation on your part to enter into it and to receive such a visitation from God.

The Life-Changing Power of Jesus Christ  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 6, 2014 pm  |  41:25 min:sec  |  Download

Jesus set a man free who was so demonically bound that he stayed in the cemetery, he cut himself repeatedly, and people kept

away from him because he was so fierce, If Jesus could set a person like that free, can he not take care of any problem you

deal with?

The Ten Virgins  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 6, 2014 am  |  51:48 min:sec  |  Download

After a mini-sermon on the finished work of Christ on the cross, Pastor John moves to the parable

of the five wise and five foolish virgins. He addresses the questions: Why were the foolish virgins

unprepared for the coming of the Bridegroom? What does it mean they had no oil? And what

is the main thing you must you do to be ready for the coming of the Lord?

Is Your All on the Altar?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 30, 2014  |  46:59 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

A challenging message to lay all you have and all you are on God's altar.  The sermon answers the questions: What does it

mean for God to tempt you, and why would He do such a thing? What is He looking for from you? What are the results

of going God's way?

Peace  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 26, 2014 pm  |  43:59 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

God has promised for you to have peace and to be able to walk every day.   God made the

provision, but you must learn how to walk in it and not let it slip away.

Recovering God's Blessing - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 23, 2014 pm  |  64:28 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Continuing the message from this morning, this sermon addresses how to go from the agony of defeat to glorious victory.

Recovering God's Blessing - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 23, 2014 am  |  65:22 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This sermon gives some practical, scriptural things to do when you've lost everything that matters or can't seem to enter in to what God has promised.

Sin - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 12, 2014  |  50:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

The conclusion of a sermon on what sin is, its effects in your life, and its remedy.

Receiving the Anointing of the Holy Spirit  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 9, 2014  |  49:45 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

At times as a Christian you can feel weary, heavy hearted and defeated. What should you do? The tendency is to look inward, wondering,

"What's wrong with me? What must I do to get out of this?" The answer often lies in receiving more anointing of the Spirit of God.  This

sermon addresses how to gain and grow in that anointing.

Sin - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 5, 2014  |  55:41 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes with part 2 of the sermon

Part one of a sermon on what sin is, its effects in your life, and its remedy.

Living by Giving  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 23, 2014  |  65:23 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Sadly, much of the preaching done on the topic of giving could cause someone merely to give out of a sense

of duty, compulsion or guilt , God's Word does say much about giving and the handling of finances.  However,

as with anything else under the New Covenant, God would supply His grace to cause a person to give willingly

and joyfully out of a heart of love and faith.

The Person of Christ  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 16, 2014  |  58:06 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

One of the most important doctrines of the New Testament concerns who Jesus is.  Who you believe Jesus Christ

is will determine your eternal destiny. This sermon breaks down John chapter one verses 1-34, to emphasize the

eternal existence of Christ, the deity of Christ, the individuality of Christ, and the humanity of Christ.

Lessons on Prayer, Patience and Power  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 2, 2014  |  56:57 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Using the passage in Luke chapter one on the promised birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias and Elizabeth, this sermon brings out lessons

on prayer, patience and the power of God.

Remember Those That Are Imprisoned  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 26, 2014  |  52:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Amid the final instructions and commands at the close of Hebrews is this directive: "Remember them that are in bonds (imprisoned), as

bound with them." This sermon exhorts and encourages believers to remember and, in practical ways, care for those who are often

forgotten and uncared for: the men and women who are incarcerated in jails and prisons.

Obstacles  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 19, 2014  |  51:37 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

God's plans for your life and for your church were in place long before you or your church existed.

Therefore, God is fully capable of bringing those plans to pass no matter what you're facing.. This

faith-building message will encourage your heart that, regardless of the obstacles, God will bring

you into His perfect will if you do but two things..

Grieve Not the Holy Spirit  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 15, 2014  |  43:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Did you know that things in your life can make the Holy Spirit of God sad? This sermon addresses in detail those

things that can grieve the Holy Spirit,  and by the grace and power of God you must let go of. them.

The Perfecting of the Saints  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 12, 2014 pm  |  43:17 min:sec  |  Download

God gifts people with ministerial callings to perfect the church, which then can be equipped to do the work of the

ministry and build up the body of Christ.  But God's work is always accomplished by faith. Therefore, this message

is a plea to believe God to bring about this perfecting of the saints, .and to work in others' lives and build up the church,

no matter what obstacles or impossibilities may stand in the way.

Do You Walk as a Man?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 1, 2014  |  43:17 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

Do you live your life as a mere man, or does your walk reflect something more than that?  It should - and it can.

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