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The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Series   Pastor John DiZazzo


Revival 2015 Sermons with Evangelist Davy Boggs (June 14 - 19, 2015)


We Would See Jesus  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 31, 2015  |  60:45 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This message, from the New Year's Eve Watchnight Service, challenges you to consistently put into practice

one simple activity that, as you yield to God, will lead you into attaining the two highest goals a Christian can

have: to experience all that God has for your life and to finish the work that God has called you to do.

Lord, Send the Fire and the Rain  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 27, 2015  |  51:16 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A message that shows how God works.

What Is Your Focus in Prayer?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 23, 2015 pm  |  40:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
It's easy in prayer to focus almost entirely on your needs and failures, but that's not what Scripture would tell you to focus on.

God will meet your needs and bring you up from failure as you approach prayer as God's Word would instruct.

I Saw Also the Lord |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 20, 2015 pm  |  50:05 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

One day the prophet Isaiah had a vision of the Lord. He then saw himself and then experienced a much needed change in

his life.  Pastor John points out five characteristics of God Isaiah saw, which, if revealed to you, will change your life too.

God's Plan of Redemption Revealed  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 20, 2015 am  |  68:19 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
When you remove all that surrounds Christmas, what really happened when Christ was born was that God's plan of salvation and redemption

were starting to unfold.  For God's plan to be life-changing, it must be revealed to a person's heart.  This sermon includes a testimony of a young

woman who came to believe in God and who lived a moral life, but who needed something more—a revelation of God' plan of redemption.

Examining Hezekiah's Success  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 13, 2015  |  52:43 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Hezekiah King of Judah was successful in all his endeavors and highly blessed of God.  The reasons for his success can be

seen in Scripture, and they will make you successful, as well, in your Christian walk as you follow his example.

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 9, 2015  |  54:45 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Old Testament accounts not only report actual historical events, but they also have spiritual significance.  The account of Sennacherib,

King of Assyria, attempting to overthrow Hezekiah, King of Judah, and how Hezekiah responded and how God fought the battle

for Judah, provides insight into the tactics the devil uses against us and how we can successfully defeat him. 

Do Not Go to Battle in Disguise  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 6, 2015  |  53:03 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A powerful message on being real with God and with others.  It reveals the folly of putting on a facade in trying to give

the impression that everything is fine when it really isn't.

Praise Ye the Lord!  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 29, 2015  |  40:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A sermon that would exhort you to praise the Lord!

Kinks in the Hose  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 22, 2015  |  54:16 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God's goal is to bless you, to cause you to be very fruitful, and to have your life bring great glory to Him. Some things,

however, hinder many Christians from entering fully into these things, much as a kink in a garden hose hinders water

from flowing freely through it.  The good news is, those kinks can be straightened out!

The Blessing of Being Dry (spiritually in your soul)  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 18, 2015  |  52:47 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Christians know what it is to go through periods of dryness in their souls: God seems far away and the sense of His presence is gone. Could anything

good come out of this?  Could God actually be doing something for you through it?  This is what this sermon looks at.

When You Can't Seem to Get to Your Answer  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 15, 2015  |  37:28 min:sec  |  Download
Sometimes, especially with things that are most important to us, it seems impossible to get an answer from God.  Christ may even seem

distant and unreachable.  This message, which shows you what you can do to get your answer, begins with four things you must definitely

avoid doing!

The Cleansing of the Temple  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 11, 2015  |  40:20 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
An important message for anyone desiring true revival and a move of God in the church.

Lord, Help Me!  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 1, 2015  |  41:28 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
We all need help from the Lord—in big things and in little things. Unfortunately, sometimes we

complicate things and don't realize how simple it is to get God's help.  At times also, in our efforts to

help someone else receive what they need from the Lord, we can make it harder for them, rather than easier.

Nurturing a Hunger and Thirst for God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 25, 2015  |  50:04 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
David had a great desire and love for God. You can too! Sometimes, you just need to ​nurture that hunger and thirst which God puts in you

for Him.

God Is Love  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 18, 2015  |  44:18 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes 
A challenging message that since God is love, we are to love one another with the same love God has

toward us.  As God transformed the Apostle John from being a "son of thunder" to "the apostle of love," 

He is able to transform you into a person who loves with His love.

Having an Effective Ministry  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 14, 2015  |  56:29 min:sec  |  Download
Looking at an account in Jesus' ministry, Pastor John brings out five essential keys to an effective ministry—whether

that be behind a pulpit or working one on one with someone.

What Type of Sheep Are You?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 11, 2015  |  51:48 min:sec  |  Download
The Bible likens people to sheep. Christians, especially, have that special relationship with the Shepherd Jesus as

being one of His sheep. The question of this sermon is,  Are you an independent sheep or a nonconforming sheep?

Learning to Lean  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 4, 2015  |  45:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
One of the most challenging lessons as a Christian is to learn how to trust God with all of your heart. But many

times this is what is required so you can get from where you are to the other side of the situation you're in.

This message gives  three key elements for being able to learn how to lean completely on the Lord.

They Had Been with Jesus  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 27, 2015 pm  |  58:34 min:sec  |  Download
The essential ingredient for receiving all God has for you, for being all God commands you to be, and of utmost importance,

for getting to know God in an ever-increasing way.

In Whom Is Your Confidence?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 27, 2015 am  |  46:55 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A security and faith-building message that drives home the point that if you're saved, you are a child of God and God will

not quit working until He finishes the work that He started in you.

Who Art Thou, O Great Mountain?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 20, 2015 pm  |  45:27 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Part two of the morning message, this sermon will continue to instruct you and build your faith that the mountains that stand in

your way can be removed.

Moving Your Mighty Mountain  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 20, 2015 am  |  52:33 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Mountains in the Bible frequently represent obstacles that cannot be moved by natural means. This sermon looks at different

aspects of spiritual mountains and gives you scriptural keys to moving, or getting beyond, them.

Glorifying God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 13, 2015  |  39:36 min:sec  |  Download
A message that lifts up God and His inherent glory, and emphasizes, in very practical and biblical terms,

the importance of bringing glory to Him through our words and life.

You're No Stranger to God  |  Evangelist Jimmy J. Millikin  |  September 6, 2015  |  20:11 min:sec  |  Download
Jesus said that the Father knows what things you need before you ask Him.  He's intimately acquainted with everything

about you—and, on top of that, He loves you!  It doesn't matter what you've done, what language you speak, or anything

else about you: God knows how to reach you and He wants to bless you.

Two Important Questions  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 30, 2015  |  48:13 min:sec  |  Download
When Saul of Tarsus, later Paul the apostle, got saved, he asked two important questions of Jesus—questions

that you should be asking God continually, whether your saved or whether you do not yet know the Lord.

Rising Above All Expectations  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 23, 2015 pm  |  43:46 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Continuing the thought from the morning message, sometimes to receive a radical change in your identity requires a

radical adjustment of your expectations.

Jesus Wants to Make a Change in Your Identity  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 23, 2015 am  |  52:26 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Using the familiar account of the healing of blind Bartimaeus (who after his healing could no longer be called "blind" Bartimaeus), this

sermon gives essential components to having any significant change made in your life—be it physical, spiritual or emotional.

How to Help People Grow and Develop in Christ - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 16, 2015 pm  |  46:42 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

This is the conclusion of the message begun in the morning service.

How to Help People Grow and Develop in Christ - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 16, 2015 am  |  48:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  (notes with part 2)

We are commanded to love others with the same love Christ has toward us.  This sermon breaks that down into seven characteristics which, by the grace of God,

you should strive to develop that will create an environment that inspires spiritual growth and change in others.

Counting the Cost and Surrendering All  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 9, 2015  |  55:46 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Three words describe what the Apostle Matthew did that are a key to his being greatly blessed by God and to his being greatly

used by God.

The Recipe for the Miraculous  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 2, 2015 pm  |  58:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A recipe on how we need to respond to God and what we need to do to see more of the miraculous from God.

The Power of Persevering Prayer  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 2, 2015 am  |  46:27 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Seven lessons you can learn about effective prayer from the parable of the woman and the unjust judge.

The Cure for Weariness  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 26, 2015 pm  |  43:26 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
When a person is getting weary in the journey, they can experience many different symptoms; for example,

irritability, lack of ​interest in church, or feeling overwhelmed.  But thank God, He has the cure for weariness!

Experiencing the Life-Changing Power of the Gospel  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 26, 2015 am  |  64:55 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There's a cheap "gospel" that may sound good to the ears but lacks power to really change a life.  There is, however, the real gospel that

doesn't appeal to the flesh, but if accepted and believed, will radically change someone.

The Storms of Life  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 19, 2015  |  60:20 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A realistic, biblically sound message on tests and trials, which you will certainly face.

A Healing Jesus for a Hurting People  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 5, 2015  |  65:29 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Jesus came to heal people, not only physically, but also inwardly of deep hurts and scars from from the past.  This faith-building

message looks at God's heart and will to heal you, and at how you must respond so you can receive healing in your life.

The Lord's Heart and Longing for the Lost  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 28, 2015  |  70:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Bringing out the love and longing Jesus has for unsaved people, this message is intended to inspire you to share the same

burden for the lost and the desire to reach them. 

Faith that Moves the Hand of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 21, 2015 pm  |  54:12 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Taking the example of Blind Bartimaeus, this sermon examines the elements of real faith that move the hand of God. 

From Demonic Vexation to Davidic Victory  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 21, 2015 am  |  41:16 min:sec  |  Download
A faith-building message based on the account of Jesus delivering the Syrophoenician's daughter of demon possession.

We Need Thee  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 7, 2015  |  53:22 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A powerful message on the simple truth that above all else, we need God!

The Building Blocks of Your Christian Life - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 31, 2015  |  59:21 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Part two of a message on the basic building blocks for your Christian life, this sermon brings out the importance of comprehending the

preeminence that Jesus Christ has and, therefore, must have in your life.

The Building Blocks of Your Christian Life  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 24, 2015  |  55:07 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This sermon gives the ABCs of Christian growth and development.

Able to Withstand in the Evil Day  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 17, 2015  |  49:12 min:sec  |  Download
At times as a Christian you will experience battles so fierce that it feels like all hell has come against you, and you're

tempted to give in, give up and throw in the towel as concerning your walk with God.  This sermon gives three keys

for being able to withstand in that evil day and to make it!

The Outpour Continues  |  FCOGIC Choir & Pastor Don Crowley  |  May 13, 2015  |  78:39 min:sec  |  Download
In a joint service with the First Church of God in Christ, first there are two selections by the FCOGIC choir, then an inspiring

message by Pastor Don Crowley on seeking another outpouring of the Holy Ghost.  (The music mix on the recording doesn't

do it justice, but we hope the anointing still comes through and touches you.) 

Recovering What Is Lost  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 10, 2015  |  51:22 min:sec  |  Download
No matter who you are, most likely there have been some things of great importance you have lost—

a relationship with someone you love, a victory you had gained, or even your relationship with God. This

message provides six keys to recovering things in life you have lost.

One Woman's Witness  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 3, 2015  |  69:48 min:sec  |  Download
The message, subtitled Little Is Much When God Is in It​, focuses on the unnamed maid in II Kings

chapter five.  Much can be learned from this little maid about being an effective witness for Christ. 

A Rendezvous with Deity  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 26, 2015  |  53:38 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The church desires and needs a revival—a true visitation from God.  But what does that mean, and what does

it not mean? And what does it take on our part to have it?

The Saul and David in You  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 22, 2015  |  68:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A look at the familiar story of David and Goliath in a new light—one that will challenge you to examine how

​you approach the giants and troubles in your life.

Ask What I Shall Do for Thee  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 19, 2015  |  59:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A faith-building message to seek a greater anointing upon your life, just as young Elisha requested when the

prophet Elijah had asked him what he wanted.

God Is in the Restoring Business  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 12, 2015  |  55:04 min:sec  |  Download
Sin and often life itself leave hurts and scars that mar a person deep inside.  There's only one remedy: restoration.

Thank God, as Psalm 23:3 tells us, the Lord is in the restoration business.

Resurrection Sunday  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 5, 2015  |  59:40 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and its significance in light of Jesus' statement from

the cross, "It is finished."

Statements from the Cross - Part 2 |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 29, 2015 pm  |  54:41 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes with Part 1
A continuation of the morning message, this sermon examines the last five statements Christ made from the cross. 

Statements from the Cross - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 29, 2015 am  |  64:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Christ made seven statements from the cross—the number seven in Scripture representing perfection and completion.  It speaks here of

the complete work of atonement accomplished on the cross.  This sermon looks at two of the statements Christ made. 

The Lamb of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 22, 2015  |  54:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The gospel of Christ is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes.  Salvation means more than

just one's initial born again experience. It includes regeneration, sanctification and glorification.  Therefore,

it is ​important to be reminded of the gospel often and of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Your Pain Is Not in Vain  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 15, 2015 pm  |  63:00 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
An encouraging reminder that the pains and trials you go through are not in vain, but God is using them to work something

wonderful in your life and through your life.

A Church on the Precipice-Seizing the Moment - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 8, 2015 pm  |  51:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This sermon continues the thought from the morning message, further emphasizing the importance of seizing the moment and entering fully

into the move of God that He is bringing, 

A Church on the Precipice-Seizing the Moment - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 8, 2015 am  |  51:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A church can be at the precipice—on the very verge—of a great revival.  People must seize the moment and enter into it wholeheartedly, not allowing

Satan to hinder them in any way.

A Mountain Moving God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 1, 2015  |  51:09 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Mountains can stand in your way.  With time, instead of moving on, you can begin to encircle your
mountains, never getting beyond them.  This message provides biblical instruction so that you can
progress beyond your mountains or have them removed by the power of God.

Loving the Lord  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 25, 2015  |  49:59 min:sec  |  Download
King Solomon started off well, loving the Lord and walking in His commandments.  Later, his love

shifted to many women and he turned to idolatry.  This sermon emphasizes the importance of

loving the Lord with all of your heart, looks at what that means according to Scripture, and warns

of things that can hinder your love for God.

God's Word on Healing  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 22, 2015 pm  |  73:22 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Beginning with an exhortation by Pastor Judy, Pastor John continues with a faith-building, scripturally-based

message on healing.  He also examines some erroneous beliefs and practices.

Finding the Will of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 22, 2015 am  |  57:43 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Finding the will of God is not always easy. This sermon gives scriptural principles for finding God's will and

lays out some potentially disastrous pitfalls to avoid.

The Ministry of Reconciliation  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 15, 2015 pm  |  55:54 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A message that would stir you to devote your life to reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.

Walking on the King's Highway  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 15, 2015 am  |  55:36 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There are many types in the Old Testament that paint a picture of spiritual truths found in the New Testament.  This sermon examines

seven ways in which the passage in Numbers 20:17-21 describes how we are to live in this world as Christians.

The Path to the Power of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 8, 2015 pm  |  41:54 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
We desperately need the power of God ... but it doesn't just come.  There are conditions we must meet to see the power of God

working in our midst.  This sermon examines three of them.

Behold, Now Is the Time  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 8, 2015 am  |  61:43 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
II Corinthians 6:2 says, "... behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation."  God's time for you to respond

and move with Him is always now​.  This sermon examines some reasons this is so.

The Word of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 1, 2015  |  55:15 min:sec  |  Download
A sermon that magnifies the written Word of God, enumerating the many blessings you will

experience as you study it diligently and look to it and God alone for spiritual help and answers.

Seeking God with a New Desire  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 25, 2015  |  58:37 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
If you've been a Christian for any length of time, you know that if you're not watchful, your enthusiasm for the Lord can

start to wane.  This sermon would encourage and exhort you to keep the fires of your love for God hot and glowing,

and if necessary, to rekindle the love and desire for Him you once had.

Preparation for Ministry & Strength for the Journey  |  Pastor Judy & Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 18, 2015 pm  |  58:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

First, an exhortation by Pastor Judy about the need for inner preparation before entering into any new phase of life or ministry.  Then a sermon by Pastor John

on having God's strength in you, both for immediate situations and for the long haul.

Having a Servant's Heart  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 18, 2015 am  |  42:30 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

It's sad that it's rare to find Christians who have allowed themselves to become servants of God and of others to the extent

that the Bible would teach. This sermon would challenge you to come up higher in the area of service.

Allowing God to Make You  |  Mary Buckley  |  January 14, 2015  |  62:31 min:sec  |  Download

Anyone desiring to be used by God must first be made by God.  This sermon draws from the life

of Joseph of the Old Testament, bringing out timeless truths of how God will work in someone to make

them a useful vessel for the kingdom of God.

The Blessing of Brokenness |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 11, 2015  |  59:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes

An extremely important message for any Christian who desires to be fruitful and used by God.

Choices in Times of Crises |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 7, 2015  |  60:41 min:sec  |  Download
The choices you make in times of crises are critical. If they are made in the wrong way, they can have
​devastating long-term effects, even if the short-term effects appear to be favorable.

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