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Revival Sermons and Music  with Evangelist Jimmy Millikin & Family and Rachel McCutcheon, singer/pianist/composer

Revival 2016 Sermons  with Evangelist Davy Boggs, June 20-24, 2016


Turning a Page in Your Life  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 25, 2016  |  48:18 min:sec  |  Download
Sometimes to reach the plans and purposes God has for you, you must turn a page in your life.

Are You Born Again?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 4, 2016  |  66:26 min:sec  |  Download
The title of this message asks the most important question one must consider.  Jesus said you must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. This message carefully looks at what being born again is not, and then at what it is, and how you can be born again of God's Spirit and secure for yourself eternal life.

Transformation by Means of Visitation - Part 3  (Seeing Life-Change)  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 4, 2016  |  66:26 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
After Isaiah saw the Lord and then saw himself, his life changed when one of the seraphims touched Isaiah's lips with a live coal from the altar of God.  Similarly, the fire of God will change your life as you make the necessary preparations as seen in Scripture.

Transformation by Means of Visitation - Part 2  (Seeing Ourselves)  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 27, 2016  |  58:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Continuing the series from last week, this message focuses on how a visitation from God causes us to see ourselves as we really are. Though it initially brings a godly misery about one's own state, it brings about a godly brokenness that leads to separation from the world's system and to a fruitful life.

Transformation by Means of Visitation - Part 1  (I Saw the Lord)  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 20, 2016  |  60:12 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This first message in a series looks at Isaiah's vision of the Lord in Isaiah chapter 6 and how it is a pattern of how God will transform your life to be more and more like Him.

Accomplishing That Which We Cannot  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 13, 2016  |  44:48 min:sec  |  Download
This sermon looks at the one element that is needed when you've prayed, fasted, and done all you can do; and the answer, the miracle, the victory that's rightfully yours in Jesus Christ is not forthcoming.

When All Hope Is Gone  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 6, 2016  |  48:40 min:sec  |  Download
There are trials . . . and then they are trials!  The kind that could totally destroy you.  The kind where all hope is gone and not even a flicker of hope remains. Can God miraculously bring you up and through anyway?  Absolutely.  This sermon uses examples of three people where God did exactly that.  And He will do the same for you as you keep your faith in Him and follow the example of these three men of God.

I Will Serve the Lord  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 30, 2016  |  55:48 min:sec  |  Download
There's no in between with serving God. You must choose whom and what you're going to serve. This sermon gets down to the nitty-gritty of why you should serve the Lord and how.

Because Iniquity Shall Abound  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 23, 2016  |  62:07 min:sec  |  Download
A serious message about the time we live in. Jesus warned that because iniquity would abound, the love of many would grow cold. Now is not a day to become cold in your soul for God, but to stand strong in what you believe and to grow in your love for Him. This message points out very real threats to your love for God—threats which can work on you subtly—and provides scriptural instruction to avoid these pitfalls.

The God of the Impossible  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 9, 2016 pm  |  60:01 min:sec  |  Download
Most people wouldn't pray about something that was possible for them to accomplish.  Normally, you ask God for help in those things which are utterly impossible in the natural, be it a broken relationship, a sin you can't conquer, or whatever.  This faith-building message encourages you to seek, and reach out to in faith, the God Who specializes in doing the impossible!

The Year of Jubile  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 9, 2016 am  |  62:53 min:sec  |  Download
Many things in the Old Testament no longer apply in the literal sense under the New Covenant; however, they do all have symbolic meaning that carries spiritual significance today.  The Year of Jubile, as described in Levitus 25, was one of those things.  As the slaves in that day were to be granted total freedom and liberty, so through Jesus Christ you may be set free from anything that has held you captive.

The Power of the Lord Was Present  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 2, 2016  |  51:47 min:sec  |  Download
In Luke 5:16-26, the power of the Lord was present in the place where Jesus was, and a man was miraculously healed.  What does it take to have Christ's presence in the church to such a degree that much needed miracles can occur?

The Faith of Mary and the Power of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 25, 2016  |  57:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
At times, God will drop things into our laps, but most of the time He requires faith on our part to reach out and take a hold of those things He's promised to do. There are some lessons we can learn from the faith of Mary and the power of God that will help us to reach out to God as we should.

Experiencing the LIfe-Changing Power of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 18, 2016  |  60:49 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God is in the business of transforming lives, and there's a scriptural pattern to follow to experience God's miraculous transformation in your life. 

Restore unto Me the Joy of Thy Salvation  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 11, 2016  |  41:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The joy of the Lord is your strength, and joy is yours through the salvation God provided through Jesus Christ..  Why is it, then, that joy seems to disappear at times, and how is it that you can have and foster this joy in your life?  This message delves into these things and brings out what your role is to possess this very important fruit of the Spirit.

Climbing Up Out of the Pit (A Journey of Faith)  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 4, 2016  |  52:40 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
At times you find yourself in a horrible pit, like David described in Psalm 40, and it takes God to get you out of it.  This encouraging message brings out the truth that often your deliverance from that pit won't happen instantly, but is a step-by-step process that occurs as you pray, trust in God and follow Him.

Have Faith in God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 28, 2016 pm  |  47:18 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God has provided all you need through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Faith is the key that opens the door to that provision of God for your life.

Help from God in Trying Times  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 28, 2016 am  |  51:30 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There will be times you will face hardships that leave you powerless and at a loss to know what to do.  Thank God, there's very real help in those trying times—and that help comes, not just in the form of an answer or of wisdom, but in the form of a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Two Plans - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 21, 2016 pm  |  59:46 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A continuation of the morning message.

Two Plans - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 21, 2016 am  |  48:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God and Satan offer every person two very different plans for life.  Neither one is forced upon you—you choose which plan to follow.  And the choice isn't so much between Satan and God as it is between sin and righteousness.

Now Shalt Thou See What the Lord Will Do  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 14, 2016 pm  |  38:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A faith-building message for those times when the things you've been seeking God about seem as out of reach and impossible as ever.

Like Clay in the Potter's Hand  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 14, 2016 am  |  43:07 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
In Jeremiah 18:1-6 God compared Himself to a potter and His people to clay.  Much can be gleaned from this passage, which concludes with a question:  "Cannot I do with you as this potter" did with the clay?  May this message inspire you to give full control of your life to the Master Potter so that He can fashion you into a vessel that's more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

God So Loves  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 7, 2016  |  46:39 min:sec  |  Download
An inspiring message to both the saved and the unsaved on John 3:16.

Some Wisdom for Life  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 24, 2016  |  61:48 min:sec  |  Download
Some wisdom for life can be gleaned from Jacob's answer to Pharaoh's question, "How old are you?", as recorded in Genesis chapter 47.

Hold On in Prayer Because the Answer Is Coming  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 24, 2016  |  61:48 min:sec  |  Download
Daniel 10:11-13 presents an unusual description of an answer to prayer being delayed for 21 days due to opposition by satanic forces in heavenly places. This passage should be an encouragement to you to keep praying and not to give up because the answer is coming.

The Invitation to Come to Jesus  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 17, 2016  |  51:10 min:sec  |  Download
One day, Jesus called to Peter to come to Him on the water.  In faith Peter stepped out into a place he'd never been before, and Peter needed the power of God to be able to do so.  This sermon looks at three areas in which Jesus calls you—and everyone else—to take a step of faith and come to Him.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 10, 2016  |  55:38 min:sec  |  Download
Many sermons have been preached about Peter walking on the water, and what Peter did and should have done.  But this sermon focuses on Jesus walking on the water, and what He was to the disciples and to Peter during their storm, and what He is and will do for you in your storms.

What Doest Thou Here?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 3, 2016  |  42:57 min:sec  |  Download
There are times as a Christian you may find yourself in a place where God never intended for you to be and where you never intended to go.  Thank God, His love, compassion and mercy will reach out to bring you back to Himself and raise you up to walk with Him again.

The Move of the Spirit Continues  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 26, 2016 pm  |  39:32 min:sec  |  Download
As the Holy Spirit begins to move, opposition surely comes.  But, as Pastor John shows from Scripture, what Jesus speaks and what Jesus starts, Jesus finishes.  It's important, then—come what may—to continue moving with the Holy Spirit.

Moving with the Holy Spirit  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 26, 2016 am  |  31:41 min:sec  |  Download
Christianity isn't about doing this or that to make things happen.  True Christianity is all about following the Holy Spirit and moving with Him so that He can bring about His purposes through you.  And as you follow Him, He will lead you into three specific things to make you more fruitful in God's kingdom.

Jesus Is the Door but You Hold the Key  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 19, 2016  |  59:17 min:sec  |  Download
Jesus is the Door, not only to salvation, but to everything God has for you. But to open a door, you must have a key.  There's no lack in God's ability.  The question is, are you using the key God has given you to open the door to His working in your life?

Withstanding the Spirit of Lukewarmness  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 12, 2016 pm  |  58:55 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A continuation of the morning message, this equally strong sermon takes an in-depth look at Jesus' counsel of how to rid oneself of lukewarmness.

The Spirit of Lukewarmness  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 12, 2016 am  |  59:33 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The spirit of this current age within the church is lukewarmness, just as Jesus in Revelation chapter three foretold it would be .  In dark times as these, it's not the time to be lukewarm.  If this straightforward message reveals any lukewarmness in you, let it also challenge you to come up out of it and to instead be on fire for Jesus.

Have You Settled in Your Heart to Wholly Trust the Lord?  |  Candi Doggett  |  June 8, 2016  |  32:42 min:sec  |  Download
It's not always easy to maintain faith and trust in the Lord when trouble strikes.  This message would inspire you to settle in your heart at the outset that, no matter what may come my way, I'm going to trust in the Lord.

Keep Shooting Arrows of Faith  |  Shawn Doggett  |  June 5, 2016 pm  |  33:25 min:sec  |  Download
God's people can give up too quickly.  When God has made a promise, it's important to take a hold of that promise and not let go until it's fulfilled in its entirety.

Body Ministry  |  Charles Mitchell  |  June 5, 2016 am  |  59:05 min:sec  |  Download
An in-depth look at body ministry within the church of Jesus Christ.

God Takes Care in Your Wilderness  |  Mary Buckley  |  June 1, 2016  |  51:57 min:sec  |  Download
When you're in a wilderness experience, be assured that God sees, God cares, God will minister to you, and God will bring you out of that wilderness—a changed person..

Lessons from Gideon  |  Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  May 29, 2016  |  56:04 min:sec  |  Download
God took a nobody like Gideon and turned him into a leader and mighty man of valour.  God looked at him, not as he was, but as who He would make him to be.  Similarly, He can take you just where you are and make you into what He's called you to be: so you can walk in His divine will for your life and bring glory to Him.

Have You Heard?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 22, 2016  |  44:51 min:sec  |  Download
Bartimaeus' miraculous healing began with hearing . . . hearing that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by.  Have you  heard—really heard, down deep in your heart—what Jesus has done and is doing?  Have you  heard that no matter what the need, Jesus can meet that need?

God's Power for Man's Problems  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 15, 2016  |  49:11 min:sec  |  Download
The sin and decadence in the city of Corinth was painfully similar to what is in our world today.  Yet, God had many people in Corinth and was able to reach and deliver them!  How?  The Apostle Paul, whom God used to reach them, revealed what he did not  bring to them and what he did  bring.  As we follow his example, we, too, can bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.

A Life of Faith  |  Mary Buckley  |  May 11, 2016  |  57:58 min:sec  |  Download
Faith is more than praying for something and believing you're going to get it.  There's a life of faith, as exemplified in the life and person of the patriarch Abraham.

The Imp0rtance of Prayer-Part II  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 8, 2016 pm  |  44:37 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Concluding the morning message, this sermon examines the preconditions, or prerequisites, necessary for effective praying.

The Imp0rtance of Prayer-Part I  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 8 27, 2016 am  |  56:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Prayer is the most important activity of a Christian.  This sermon looks at the privilege, purpose, priority, production and promises concerning prayer.

The Wisdom of God  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 27, 2016  |  56:33 min:sec  |  Download
God has supernatural wisdom for any situation.  Learn from Solomon how to position yourself for God to put His wisdom in you.

A Divine Purpose  |  Charles Mitchell  |  April 24, 2016 pm  |  30:09 min:sec  |  Download
Just as successful businesses have mission statements that guide their every decision and endeavor, God has

set forth for His people a divine purpose that must be the overriding motivation in everything we do.

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 24, 2016 am  |  50:35 min:sec  |  Download
When Jesus asked the man at the pool called Bethesda if he would be made whole, He was asking more than if the man

was simply desiring wholeness.  He wanted to know if the man would let Jesus make Him whole.  Everyone still needs

wholeness in some area of their life.  The question is, Will you  be made whole—allowing God to make you whole as

He sees fit to work and move?

Laying Hands on People in Faith  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 17, 2016  |  52:53 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The laying on of hands is one of the fundamental doctrines of the New Testament (Hebrews 6:1-2).. As such, it should be taught and

practiced. God moves as people lay hands on others in faith.

The God on the Mountain Is Still God in the Valley  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 10, 2016  |  45:58 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
An encouraging message that if you make the right decisions, God will be with you  in your deepest, darkest valleys and will bring you through them.

Are You Following Jesus Afar Off?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 3, 2016  |  49:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There came a day when Peter, who loved Jesus with all of his heart, followed his Master afar off.  How about you?  Is something holding

you back from walking more closely to the Lord?  This insightful message looks into some reasons people hold back and follow Jesus afar off.


Do You Know the Power of the Resurrection?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 27, 2016  |  63:24 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Do you know the resurrection on an intellectual basis, or do you know it experientially, to where it impacts you in a life-changing manner?

The Way of the Cross - Part 2  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 23, 2016  |  52:34 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Part two of this message focuses on the way of the cross as it pertains to us.  Though not a popular message today, it is
an essential part of the gospel message that Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles preached.

The Way of the Cross - Part 1  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 20, 2016  |  50:02 min:sec  |  Download Notes
This sermon looks at the cross as it pertained to Jesus—not only as far the physical torture He endured and the work that

God accomplished; but also in terms of what Jesus' attitude, mindset and behavior were in response to it.

Behold, the Lord's Hand  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 16, 2016  |  51:33 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The Lord's hand is mighty to accomplish whatever is needed in any situation. This faith-building sermon looks at

Scriptures that describe what the hand of the Lord can and will do.

Ask God for the Latter Rain  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 13, 2016  |  36:42 min:sec  |  Download
A message that would encourage you to ask God for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit and why you should do so..

Why Must We Sometimes Tarry?  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 9, 2016  |  53:28 min:sec  |  Download
Why must we often patiently wait for God? This sermon looks at what tarrying is and what it is not, and considers

several things the Lord accomplishes in us as we wait upon Him.

Grow in Grace  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 6, 2016  |  59:44 min:sec  |  Download
In a day of lukewarmness in the church, it's critical to stay close to the Lord and to remain on fire

for Him.  There's only one way to do so: keep growing in grace.

Stretch Forth Thy Hand  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 28, 2016  |  51:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
We need God to stretch forth His hand in these last days to save souls, to heal, to deliver, to fill with the Holy

Ghost and to bring revival.  And there's a key to seeing God move in this way.  

Prayer - Part 6  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 7, 2016  |  60:04 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Continuing his series on the subject of prayer, Pastor John gives a faith-building and insightful message on

Luke 11:4b: ​And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

The Pathway to Victory, Restoration and Revival  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 31, 2016  pm  |  47:06 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
First Samuel chapter seven lays out a pathway for attaining many things God has for His people, such as victory, restoration and revival, 

Prayer - Part 5  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 31, 2016  am  |  55:04 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A continuation of this series on prayer, today's sermon gives an in-depth look at Jesus' words in

Luke 11:4: ​And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. 

O Thou Afflicted, Tossed with Tempest and Not Comforted  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 24, 2016  pm  |  44:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This sermon is for anyone who is afflicted, tossed by a storm and without comfort.

Prayer - Part 4  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 24, 2016  am  |  37:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This message looks at the daily nature of God's approach toward us, based on Jesus' instruction to pray, Give us

day by day our daily bread.

Prayer - Part 3  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 17, 2016  |  60:31 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Part three of a series on prayer, this sermon focuses on how the words from The Lord's Prayer Thy Kingdom

come, thy will be done apply not only to your life but also to your prayer life.

God Needs Me and I Need God  |  Mary Buckley  |  January 13, 2016  |  45:41 min:sec  |  Download
God has a work to accomplish on earth, and He needs people to say "yes" to Him so He can work through

them.  We have needs, and we have a God who can meet those needs.

Prayer - Part 2 |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 10, 2016  |  58:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A continuation of last week's message on the all-important topic of prayer.

Sow to Yourself in Righteousness  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 6, 2016  |  36:25 min:sec  |  Download
Christians desire a harvest of righteousness in their lives.  This doesn't happen automatically but is a result of sowing

seeds of righteousness and allowing God to prepare the ground of your heart so those seeds can bring forth fruit.

Prayer  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 3, 2016  |  50:04 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Prayer should be the single most important activity in your life.  It is communion with your

heavenly Father. This message brings out the purpose, privilege, priority and results of prayer.

We Would See Jesus  |  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 31, 2015  |  60:45 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This message, from the New Year's Eve Watchnight Service, challenges you to consistently put into practice

one simple activity that, as you yield to God, will lead you into attaining the two highest goals a Christian can

have: to experience all that God has for your life and to finish the work that God has called you to do.

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