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2017 Sermons

Below, for your edification, are audio sermons from this year.

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Wichita KS

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Revival Sermons and Music   with Evangelist Davy Boggs and family, October 17-22, 2017
This year's emphasis in many of Evangelist Davy's messages was on God's heart and reach for the lost, and on the need for the presence of God in your life.


Our Vision for 2018   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 31, 2017  |  44:06 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
God has set several things before us as a church that He intends to do.  It's up to us to take a hold of them by faith and seek them out from Him, giving ourselves wholly to them.

They Laid Him in a Manger   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 24, 2017  |  44:13 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The humble beginning of the earthly life of the Son of God is symbolic of how far God reached down to mankind to bring us salvation.

The Graveyard   Pastor Wayne Dailey  |  preached sometime in the 1990's  |  103:23 min:sec  |  Download
This powerful sermon was preached in Wichita, KS approximately 20 years ago by Pastor Wayne Dailey, founding pastor of Bethany Revival Center.  Its scriptural message is based on a series of three dreams the Lord gave to Pastor Dailey.  (Near the end of the sermon, Pastor Dailey builds up to a sermon he planned to preach the next service—a sequel to this one—in which he answered the question why people keep struggling with ungodly ways in their life.  The recording of that sermon was lost.  So as not to leave the listener of this message hanging, the answer to that question, which he brought forth in that subsequent message, was, "because you are yet carnal and not altogether spiritual" (see I Corinthians 3:1-3).  The encouragement, of course, was to make it a top priority to become spiritual, letting go of carnal ways.)

The Day Jesus Went Missing   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 10, 2017  |  65:59 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
When Jesus was twelve years old, his parents accidentally left Him behind when they were returning home from Jerusalem. They didn't realize it until they had traveled a whole day.  Is Jesus' presence missing from your life?  If so, have you realized it?  Pastor John presents some questions to prayerfully consider that can help you regain the presence of God in your life.

Jesus' Heart for Souls   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  December 3, 2017  |  51:22 min:sec  |  Download  Notes
Jesus sees past the exterior, right into the hearts and lives of people.  Because of His great love, deep compassion is stirred in Him for them.  He would want that same compassion and love to be in us so that we would sacrificially extend ourselves to others.

Search Me, O God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 26, 2017  |  54:28 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The idea of God searching your heart could strike fear or worry that God would be mad at you because of what He might find.  But this message encourages you to see the Lord for who He really is, and to ask Him to shine His light within you—and even put you to the test—so that He can do what He really wants to do for you: set you free!

Walking into Life Change   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 19, 2017  |  54:38 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
An inspiring and faith-building message on the role of grace in the sanctification process, and how by grace you can attain to the tall order given in I John 2:6, that if you say you abide in Christ, you must also live even as He lived.

Having an Ear to Listen and a Heart to Obey   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 12, 2017  |  56:54 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Using three examples from Scripture, Pastor John brings out that to be successful in your Christian walk, you must have two things: an ear to listen to God and a heart to obey Him.  

Are You Down or Are You Up?   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  November 5, 2017  |  45:13 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
At times you're walking on the water with Jesus—above your circumstances, above the fight of the adversary.  At other times you're barely treading water, if that, finding yourself overwhelmed and defeated.  From a familiar passage of Scripture, Pastor John brings out five verbs that show how you can descend from victory to defeat and how you can get back up again.

Finding and Following the Will of God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 29, 2017  |  47:45 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A solid biblical sermon on finding and following the will of God for your life.

Where Were You, Brother, When the Fire Fell?   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 15, 2017 pm  |  51:28 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Fire cleanses, consumes, and changes the state of things, as it changes liquid water to gas.  It also illuminates, so you can see what you couldn't see before.  When God's fire fell as recorded in Leviticus chapter nine, the people were all present, and they followed the steps of preparation exactly as God had given them to Moses.,  Similarly, the fire of God will cleanse, consume, transform and illuminate you as you follow God's plan of preparation and are actively present and anticipating His fire to fall.

Come by Here, Lord!   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 15, 2017 am  |  51:31 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Of all the things you need, the answer can be boiled down to one simple thing: more of the presence of Jesus Christ.  I Samuel chapter 7 gives four keys to preparing yourself for a greater manifestation of the Lord's presence in your life and in your church.

Believing God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 8, 2017 pm  |  62:31 min:sec  |  Download
Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and power, and went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil.  The Bible also says that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever; and that the works that He did, we would do also, and even greater.  Why, then, do we see such little manifestation of the miracle-working power of God today?  Pastor John offers four biblical ways we can limit God from moving mightily in our midst as He desires, with the intent that we would remove all stops and not  limit God.

Fundamentals of the Faith Part 5 - Who Is Jesus of Nazareth and Why Does It Matter?   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 8, 2017 am  |  52:44 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Continuing his series The Fundamentals of the Faith and False Doctrine​, Pastor John again examines the question Who is Jesus of Nazareth?  This is such an important question that your answer will determine your eternal destiny and greatly impact your priorities and the way you live now.

Do It Again, Lord   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  October 1, 2017 pm  |  45:31 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
When Elijah was carried by a whirlwind to heaven, Elisha picked up Elijah's mantle, struck the Jordan River and said, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" He expected God to part the waters for him as God had just done for Elijah.  We need that kind of faith, too, that says to God, "Do it again, Lord—do the miraculous works we see in Your Bible!"

All You Need Is Faith in God   Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  October 1, 2017 am  |  68:29 min:sec  |  Download
Pastor Judy begins with a testimony that turns into a sermon about having faith in God to accomplish what is impossible for us.

Fundamentals of the Faith Part 4 - The Virgin Birth of Christ   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 24, 2017  |  70:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  ​Notes
The truths of Scripture and about Jesus Christ are strongly under attack today.  Since your belief about who Jesus is determines your eternal destiny, it's of the utmost importance to know Who He really is so you won't be deceived and, possibly, lose your soul.  Erroneous, compromised teaching about Christ has entered into some evangelical churches, even being proclaimed or supported by pastors of those churches. Due to the seriousness of this issue and because one particular preacher, who has gone down this path, has such widespread popularity and influence, Pastor John felt it appropriate and necessary to quote him and make known his name.  (Normally, Pastor John refrains from providing names while addressing something in a negative fashion, but we see in II Timothy 4:14-15 the Apostle Paul did the same thing for the purpose of protecting the flock.)

Hold On a Little Longer in Your Storm for Help Is On the Way   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 17, 2017  |  42:51 min:sec  |  Download
A popular teaching in the church today is that unless you manifest a strong faith and positive confession, God won't help you.  A familiar account in Scripture debunks that idea.  God wants you to hold on to Him.  He's bigger than your problems, weaknesses and failures.

Own Your Sin   Missionary Larry Landress  |  September 10, 2017 pm  |  38:16 min:sec  |  Download
One never gets anywhere with God by excusing their own sin.  One must take ownership of it, confess it and repent of it to find God's mercy, forgiveness and restoration.  This is a strong but loving message on owning your own sin.

I Wouldn't Miss Heaven for the World   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 10, 2017 am  |  61:08 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The letter to the Hebrews was written to Christians, not sinners.  It is full of warnings, and one of them, in Hebrews 3:12-14, is particularly strong.  It indicates that a person who was once saved could actually depart from Christ.  It gives a reason a person might do so and provides instruction on how to avoid going down that road.  This is a serious message that every believer needs to heed.

Fundamentals of the Faith Part 3 - The Eternal Preexistence of Christ   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  September 3, 2017  |  54:14 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The third sermon in this series on the Fundamentals of the Faith and False Doctrine, this message looks at the first of seven truths about Christ: His eternal preexistence. All cults misrepresent who Christ is.  As you'll hear in this message, a wrong belief about Christ might lead to denying Him and even losing your soul.  Therefore, this is not merely a doctrinal issue; it is one that has much relevance to your life.

What If I Give All? (The Complete Consecration of the Christian)  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 27, 2017 pm  |  52:06 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
A message that would inspire and challenge you to give all to Jesus, not holding one thing back. 

Fundamentals of the Faith Part 2 - The Inspiration and Foundational Nature of Scripture   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 27, 2017 am  |  73:59 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Forces today are working to undermine the inspiration and authority of Scripture, thus setting people up to fall away from the faith, as prophesied in the Bible.  This message would strengthen your faith in the Scriptures as absolute Truth, which will keep you strong in the Lord and able to stand in these evil days.

Fundamentals of the Faith Part 1 - The Basis of Error   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 20, 2017  |  55:27 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Jesus told a group of religious leaders one time that they were in error.  In fact, a few verses later He told them they "greatly erred."  He gave them two reasons for their error
—reasons we must take a hold of for ourselves so we can truly walk with God and experience victory over our flesh and the devil.

The Power of God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 13, 2017  |  42:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Man's answers—your answers—lie, not in the well-laid plans of men, but in the power of God.  That's where the Bible would direct your faith and trust.  This sermon focuses on two areas in which the power of God will help you where nothing else will.

Every Man That Has This Hope in Him   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  August 6, 2017  |  50:57 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
I John 3:3 says that "every man that has this ​hope in him" does something.  There's a specific hope God has promised believers in Jesus Christ.  It's important that this ​—and not something else—be what you're primarily hoping for and looking toward.  If it is, there's something else you will be motivated to do.

Reaching God's Potential for Your Life   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 30, 2017 pm  |  41:36 min:sec  |  Download
A continuation of the morning's message, this sermon focuses on reaching your full potential—not human potential, but everything that God has provided for you and ordained for you, and that He will fulfill in you as you depend on Him and walk with Him.

The Answer to a "Selfie" Mentality   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 30, 2017 am  |  58:30 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Perhaps today more than ever before we live in a "selfie" society.  People are taken up with self, with pleasure and with self-indulgence, and they don't realize the poverty and self-destruction that await them at the end of that road.  Thank God, He has a remedy for that condition for anyone who's willing to take it.

You Can't Get There by Yourself   Evangelist Jimmy Millikin  |  July 23, 2017  |  20:44 min:sec  |  Download
Have you learned that no matter where you want to get to in God—to heaven, free from sin or addictions—you can't get there by yourself?  This faith-inspiring message will help you to look away from yourself, your failures and your inabilities, and to look to God, the only One who can get you to your desired destinations.

Have Faith in God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 16, 2017 pm  |  68:09 min:sec  |  Download
After Bartimaeus' blind eyes were miraculously healed, Jesus told him it was his faith that had made him whole.  What was it Jesus had seen in Bartimaeus that caused Him to say that?  This sermon looks at five things Bartimaeus did that give a picture of what faith that moves the hand of God looks like.

Waiting for the Lord   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 16, 2017 am  |  42:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
One day, Jesus went across the lake and set a demoniac free.  Upon His return, he found a crowd waiting for Him and they gladly received Him.  He then continued doing miracles for them.  How's your expectation when Jesus' presence seems to leave for a while?  Do you keep looking for Him, as these people did, or do you let down in your faith and, perhaps, get caught up with something else?  Patiently waiting for Jesus with expectation is important and always rewarded.

Speak to My Children to Go Forward  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 9, 2017 pm  |  55:02 min:sec  |  Download
A faith-building sermon that will encourage you to keep moving forward despite impossibilities, obstacles and the fight of the adversary.

The Key to Standing in the Last Days   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 9, 2017 am  |  69:11 min:sec  |  Download
The Bible gives a key for living in a way that's well-pleasing to the Lord, and one that will equip you to stand in these last, evil days.  As darker days approach, it will be vital to take a hold of this key and apply it to your life.

Render to God the Things That Are God's   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  July 2, 2017  |  61:58 min:sec  |  Download
An insightful message on the statement "Render to God the things that are God's," which Jesus made to some religious hypocrites who were putting Him to the test. 

A Study on the Life of John Mark   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 18, 2017  |  73:24 min:sec  |  Download
John, also known as Mark, or John Mark, didn't start off well.  He went with Paul and Barnabas as a helper on their joint missionary journey, but he fairly quickly deserted the work and returned home.  When the opportunity arose for him to go with them again, Paul was adamantly against it.  But years later, we read that John Mark was a co-laborer with Paul; and, in II Timothy 4:11, Paul requested that Mark be brought to him because he was profitable to Paul in the ministry.  This is the same Mark who wrote the Gospel that bears his name.  His story proves that in God, your failure doesn't have to be final; and, regardless of your past or present, you can become all that God has called you to be. 

The Blessings of Righteousness   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  June 11, 2017  |  63:15 min:sec  |  Download
This sermon breaks down Matthew 5:6, brings out three marvelous blessings to be experienced through righteous living, and explains how to become righteous and maintain a righteous life.

Going from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary   Pastor Judy DiZazzo  |  June 4, 2017  |  63:21 min:sec  |  Download

Jesus chose 12 ordinary men and turned them into extraordinary men of God.  He can do the same for you as you follow in the steps of these men in hungering for and pursuing the enduement of the power of God from on high.

The Widow from Zarephath   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 28, 2017  |  61:26 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
An insightful look into God using the widow from Zarephath and how it applies to your life.

God Wants to Ignite Your Love for Him   Shawn Doggett  |  May 21, 2017  |  36:27 min:sec  |  Download
As the light of the moon is simply a reflection of the sun's light, so the love that shines out from us is just a reflection of the love of God dwelling inside of us.  We should earnestly seek and search for more of God's love, and diligently remove any thing from our hearts that would hinder His love from being there in its fullness.

Having a Vision   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 14, 2017  |  69:09 min:sec  |  Download
Having a vision of what God has for your life is of the utmost importance.  This sermon looks at two aspects of that vision and what it takes to obtain and then maintain that vision for the long haul.

Calling Upon the Lord   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  May 7, 2017  |  48:09 min:sec  |  Download
In days like these, particularly, it's critical to call upon the Lord—in other words, to seek the face of the Lord.  It's also critical, as the Bible says, to seek Him with your whole heart.  This sermon looks at five characteristics of prayer that will be present when you're seeking God with your whole heart.

Beyond Faith, Prayer and Fasting   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 30, 2017  |  48:09 min:sec  |  Download
As the disciples, who had been healing the sick and casting out devils, could not set a young man free from demon possession (Matthew 17:14-21), we, too, many times, find ourselves lacking power to truly help those who are needy.  Certainly, as Jesus told them, their problem was a lack of faith, and they needed to pray and fast to get their faith up to meet that kind of challenge.  However, there was something else they needed, beyond faith, prayer and fasting, to get the job done.  And it's the same thing we need today.

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 23, 2017  |  55:06 min:sec  |  Download
"Christian" is a much misunderstood term. Some would say they're Christian because they're not of another religion, e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.  Or because they're American, and America is a "Christian nation."  Or because they go to church and were born into a Christian family.  But what does it mean to be a Christian? Pastor John examines five biblical characteristics that will be present in a person who is a true born-again Christian.

No Cost, No Glory  Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 16, 2017 pm  |  56:13 min:sec  |  Download
A heart-searching message that will challenge your faith and your surrender to Christ as Lord of your life.

The Beginning of Months   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 16, 2017 am  |  64:02 min:sec  |  Download
When God instituted the Passover, He told them it would be the beginning of months for them; in other words, the start of a new year.  As we celebrate Christ's resurrection, let's refocus our thinking and realize that because of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, every day is a new beginning for us, and the things of the past can be laid aside and truly be things of the past.

Victory in the Battle of Life   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 9, 2017  |  48:06 min:sec  |  Download
God has promised victories in the battles of life, but they're not automatic.  Attentive listening to God and careful following of God are necessary ingredients in having Christian victory.

Lessons in Obedience   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 2, 2017  |  67:32 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There are lessons about obedience that can be learned from the story of Philip ministering to the eunuch in Acts 8:26-30.  There are also some common, and sometimes subtle, excuses for not obeying God that are brought out in this sermon. 

Man's Answers Lie in the Power of God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 26, 2017  |  48:51 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The gospel message changes lives and brings healing to man's spirit, soul and body:: not through people's clever ideas or wisdom, but by the power and presence of God.

Keep Your Heart   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 19, 2017 pm  |  52:25 min:sec  |  Download
The Bible makes known that out of the heart proceed the issues of life.  You must, therefore, diligently guard your heart to keep out things that would spoil your walk with God.  Sin is one of those things,  One sin in particular, so prevalent today, both within and outside the church, becomes a focus in this message.

His Touch Makes All the Difference   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 19, 2017 am  |  61:03 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
What you often need isn't counseling, advice or wisdom, but simply a touch of Jesus.  Looking at scriptural accounts where the touch of Jesus made a tremendous difference, this sermon also examines several areas in which you may need His touch upon your life.

God Is My Refuge   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 12, 2017  |  71:54 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
If you're in a dark place, as in a cave, realize, that's the best place you can be.  Run to God as your refuge and learn to lean on Him completely.  He will deliver you, and your faith and knowledge of Him will increase.

Becoming an Overcomer   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 26, 2017  |  78:03 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Overcoming the world, sin and the devil is critical for the believer in Jesus Christ, as many Scripture passages bring out; for example, the seven times overcoming is mentioned in Revelation chapters two and three.  Overcoming can often seem elusive and impossible.  But Scripture not only declares that it is possible, but it also provides the means by which you can overcome. 

True Discipleship - Part 3 ("Establishing Your Walk")   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 26, 2017  |  60:59 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The final sermon in this series on True Discipleship is a strong message about what it takes to stand firm in your walk with Christ and to finish the race.  As Pastor John brings out, it's not those who start a race that win it, but those who finish it!

True Discipleship - Part 2 ("Trusting the Word") NOTES ONLY, NOT RECORDED   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 19, 2017 a.m.
Part two of the series on True Discipleship focuses on the need to trust the Word of God.  Unfortunately, this message wasn't recorded, but we have provided Pastor John's sermon notes plus additional material on fulfilled biblical and messianic prophecies.

There Is Power in the Blood   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 19, 2017 p.m.  |  52:00 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
In the Old Testament, there are many types of Christ and the work He would accomplish on the cross.  A very powerful one, which clearly foreshadows the all-sufficient sacrifice of Jesus for the forgiveness and putting away of sin, is found in Leviticus chapter 16.

True Discipleship - Part 1 ("Anchoring Your Faith")   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 12, 2017  |  56:17 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This is the first message in a series on true discipleship. To be a disciple, you must be saved; and to get saved, you must believe on Jesus.  This message makes known what the commonly misunderstood phrase "believe on Jesus" means, so you can be assured you are truly saved, born again and on your way to heaven.

Come Unto Me   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 5, 2017  |  48:57 min:sec  |  Download
Matthew 11:28-30 are some of the most comforting and encouraging verses in the Bible.  This sermon breaks down this passage into an invitation, an expectation and a revelation.

This Means War   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 29, 2017  |  55:30 min:sec  |  Download
A fresh approach to the armor of God in Ephesians 6 to help prepare you to stand and move forward in the warfare of these last days.

Set Your Heart and Soul to Seek the Lord   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 8, 2017  |  50:20 min:sec  |  Download
In I Chronicles 22:19, King David charges the leaders of Israel to arise and build the temple of the Lord with Solomon, his son.  And in so doing, they were to set their hearts and souls to seek the Lord their God.  In building the kingdom of God today, we must also heed this charge to set ourselves to seek the Lord our God with all our hearts and all our souls.