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2018 Sermons

Below, for your edification, are audio sermons from this year.

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2018 Revival Sermons and Music   with Evangelist Davy Boggs and family, June 24 - July 1, 2018
Anointed preaching, and altar music and singing with Evangelist Davy Boggs; his wife, Kelly Jo; and daughter, Odie.

A major theme of this year's revival sermons is the Christian's journey through life.


A Spiritual Battle Plan—Part 2   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  August 12, 2018 pm  |  56:14 min:sec  |  Download
This is the conclusion of the morning's message.

A Spiritual Battle Plan—Part 1   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  August 12, 2018 am  |  55:11 min:sec  |  Download
As a Christian you're in a warfare, and it's important to realize that this warfare is spiritual, not natural.  Demonic forces oppose you and they don't want you to make it: They don't want you to serve God; they don't want you to spend eternity with Christ, they don't want you to reach souls and carry on the work of God.  They don't want you and your mate to stay together, and they don't want you to lead your children to serve Christ,  Since you're in a spiritual warfare, it's critical to be equipped with God's armor, and a to have and to follow a spiritual battle plan from God.

Moving Mountains that Hinder You   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  August 5, 2018 pm  |  65:05 min:sec  |  Download
This message begins with an exhortation by Pastor Judy DiZazzo.  She reinforces the importance of pursuing holiness, as was preached in the morning message.  Pastor John then ministers about mountains that could hinder someone's pursuit of holiness and on how those mountains can be moved out of the way.  He spends quite a bit of time on the mountain of fear, which appears to be prevalent in many people who have been indoctrinated with the wrong understanding of holiness.

What Is Holiness and How Do We Follow After It?   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  August 5, 2018 am  |  54:02 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
There is much confusion in the church world about holiness.  This sermon first examines what true holiness is.  It then emphasizes the need for holiness and brings out that the true child of God yearns for holiness.  Finally, it gives biblical instruction on how to pursue holiness so it can become part of your life.

There's A Way Back Home   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 29, 2018|  46:08 min:sec  |  Download
Someone can stray so far from God that it might seem to them there's no way to get back to Him.  But God's mercy is great, and He can restore a person who returns to Him in repentance and with a surrendered heart. 

When All Hope Is Lost   Pastor Judy DiZazzo   |  July 22, 2018 pm  |  46:55 min:sec  |  Download
A faith-inspiring message on God's faithfulness and ability when all that's around you appears hopeless.

Life Would Be Easier If We Didn't Care   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 22, 2018 am  |  46:48 min:sec  |  Download
Part of following Jesus means to grow in your love for others with the same love that He loves.  That's a tall order, and it makes you vulnerable to being hurt when the results differ from what you had hoped for.  But if your love and devotion is set in the right place, it will cause you to keep going and loving, regardless of the results or personal sacrifice to you.

The Mechanics of Moving Forward—Part 3   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 18, 2018  |  42:34 min:sec  |  Download
This third message in a series about moving forward in God focuses on the necessity of bearing one's cross and what that means.

Such an Incredible Love   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 15, 2018  |  51:56 min:sec  |  Download
A reflection on the incredible love of God and what it means to you personally.

The Mechanics of Moving Forward—Part 2   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 11, 2018  |  52:04 min:sec  |  Download
The first message in this series focused on the cost of discipleship as being a major requirement for moving forward in God.  This message starts with a review of that teaching and then goes on to bring out the gain one experiences by being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Hope That Is Set Before Us   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 8, 2018 pm  |  55:40 min:sec  |  Download
Another message about going forward, this message drives home the truth that God is not God of the past, but He is God of the present and future.  You can't move forward while being held back by the past.  The good news is: God is always willing to forget your past and work in you now to bring you to an expected end—a hope and a future.

Unto Him That Is Able   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 8, 2018 am  |  43:28 min:sec  |  Download
Continuing with the theme of going forward, this message would build your faith to believe that God is able to take you forward and that He will do so.  It also emphasizes what your role is in giving God leeway to do this.

The Mechanics of Moving Forward   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  July 4, 2018  |  53:15 min:sec  |  Download
This message, taught during Wednesday evening Bible study, was Inspired by two sermons preached during the revival services a week ago.  Those messages encouraged and exhorted the church to keep going forward.  This message fleshes out that thought and brings to light one essential requirement for moving forward. 

Being Apprehended by Christ   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  June 17, 2018  |  45:29 min:sec  |  Download
God draws people to Jesus and they, in turn, choose to receive Him.  God would then work to bring them into all He has planned for their lives.  But, again, it's a twofold process: God woos and draws, but it's up to them to let Him take complete control and bring them into the fullness of His plan.

Making Your Hour of Decision the Point of No Return   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  June 3, 2018 pm  |  59:55 min:sec  |  Download
There are times you are faced with decisions that can greatly affect your future, even your eternal future with God.  Circumstances can, at times, be so overwhelming that you could be tempted to turn back to the very thing God delivered you from.  It's critical in those hours of decision that you not only choose to keep going forward with God, but that you also burn your bridge to your past and make that hour of decision a point of no return.

Christ Being Formed in You   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  June 3, 2018 am  |  51:21 min:sec  |  Download
A message that may challenge you to reevaluate the goals and priorities you have accepted as being most important to you as a Christian.

Zacchaeus   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  May 27, 2018  |  68:37 min:sec  |  Download
The story of Zacchaeus is one to encourage you to turn your desires toward God into action, and to press forward in spite of inabilities and obstacles.  Jesus has a plan for you and He will respond to your faith.

Praise Ye the Lord!   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  May 20, 2018  |  55:35 min:sec  |  Download
An encouragement to praise the Lord at all times, no matter what's going on.

Is it "I Will" or Is It "Thy Will"?   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  May 13, 2018  |  55:39 min:sec  |  Download
When you understand what caused Satan to fall, you can understand how you can stand!  This sermon gets down to some nitty gritty attitudes and areas of the heart to help you in your walk with God.

How God Anointed Jesus of Nazareth   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  May 6, 2018 pm  |  43:38 min:sec  |  Download
Probably what's needed more than anything in the church today is the power and anointing of God.  Preaching of the Word is essential, and knowledge of the Bible is critical.  But without the power of God being manifested, no true conversions, salvations, healings, victories over sin, or deliverances from demon possession and oppression take place.

The Gifts of the Spirit - Part 2   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  April 29, 2018 pm  |  63:42 min:sec  |  Download
This message continues the sermon started in the morning and delves into each of the nine gifts of the Spirit.

The Gifts of the Spirit - Part 1   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  April 29, 2018 am  |  52:08 min:sec  |  Download
This introductory lesson on the nine gifts of the Spirit, as taught in I Corinthians 12, lays a much-needed foundation for a solid scriptural understanding of the gifts of the Spirit.  Without this foundation, one can easily be led into error.

Lessons from II Chronicles Twenty   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  April 22, 2018  |  48:33 min:sec  |  Download
We may want life to be trouble-free and easy, but in reality, it's not that way.  Troubles, tests and trials come, often unexpectedly.  What should your response be?  Learn a lesson from King Jehoshaphat's response that brought God on the scene and, ultimately, a victory over the sudden and overwhelming opposition he faced.

God's Desire for Your Prayer   Pastor John DiZazzo   |  April 15, 2018  |  43:59 min:sec  |  Download
A look at the desire from God's perspective that you would spend time with Him in His presence.

The Lord Is Able to Give Thee Much More Than This   Shawn Doggett   |  April 8, 2018 p.m.  |  29:45 min:sec  |  Download
After a brief personal testimony, Brother Shawn in this sermon, based on II Chronicles 25:9, encourages you to reach out for those things that God would set before you, both individually and as a church.

My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer   Pastor Jim Cymbala   |  April 8 2018 a.m.  |  66:10 min:sec  |  Download
The introduction to this powerful sermon and the exhortation at the end is by Charles Mitchell.  You can also view the video of Pastor Cymbala's sermon.

The Faith of Bartimaeus    Pastor John DiZazzo  |  April 1,, 2018  |  44:55 min:sec  |  Download
Bartimaeus' faith touched Jesus and brought him a miraculous healing.  The same faith can be in you to bring the miracles you need.

Are You a Wimp or a Warrior?   Charles Mitchell  |  March 25, 2018  |  48:36 min:sec  |  Download
One definition of "wimp" is "to fail to do or complete something due to fear or lack of confidence."  Does that describe you in some area God has called you to walk in?  Or are you a warrior who has been prepared by God to face your giants, stand in the battles, and go through by His grace?

Great Faith   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 18,, 2018  |  48:15 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
What does great faith that moves the hand of God look like?  Jesus commended the Syrophenician woman in Matthew chapter 15 for having great faith, and by her faith she received the much-needed miracle she was seeking.  Learn from three simple things this woman did so that you, too, can have great faith that moves the hand of God.

You Can Make It   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 11, 2018  |  60:10 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Regardless of your background, intellect, degree of will power, or any other thing, God is able to make you to stand—stand in that wherein He has already brought you, and stand in those things wherein you yet need victory.  This balanced sermon lifts up God's ability and the finished work of Christ on the cross with the conditions you must meet for God's power and victory to become a reality in your life.

Only Believe   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  March 4, 2018  |  49:00 min:sec  |  Download
When tragedy strikes, or a giant in your life you've never conquered—be it spiritual, emotional, financial or otherwise—raises its ugly head again, it's easy to become fearful and lose heart.  But Jesus is in control and has a simply remedy if you will only take a hold of it.

Such Were Some of You   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 25, 2018  |  64:14 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The gospel is all about being changed from who you were to becoming a new person in Christ;.  The life of sin is to be repented of, and a new life of righteousness and holy living is to take its place by the power and grace of God.  Unfortunately, many people are deceiving themselves into believing they can continue in a life of sin and still make it into heaven.  This sermon focuses primarily on sins of a sexual nature, which are rampant today not only in the world, but also in the church.

Run for Safety   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 18, 2018 p.m.  |  52:39 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
Proverbs 18:10 says, The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it and is safe.  Finding safety in the name of the Lord is more than just knowing what His name is, or praying in His name, or calling on His name.  When you truly know the name of the Lord, then by faith you will run into it and find safety, victory and whatever answers you need.

Press Through the Press   Evangelist Larry Landress  |  February 18, 2018 a.m.  |  32:40 min:sec  |  Download
In this pressure cooker world there's all sorts of pressure: spiritual pressure, emotional pressure, financial pressure . . .  God's Word would encourage you to press through whatever is pressing against you, and to reach for Jesus until you touch Him and He touches you.  

Giving God the Glory That's Due His Name   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  February 4, 2018  |  46:38 min:sec  |  Download
It's easy to fall into the trap of asking, receiving ... asking, receiving ... asking, receiving ... and never taking the time to thank God from your heart for what He's done and to give Him the glory for who He is.  With the many tasks on your plate and the tests and trials you face, it's easy to consider God unknowingly as simply Someone who helps you get through everything successfully.  That mindset, however, causes you to miss out on the best part of a relationship with your heavenly Father.

Should Christians Consume Alcoholic Beverages? - Part 2   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 28, 2018  |  82:17 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
This is part two of a heart-searching sermon on a very relevant subject for today's church and Christian.  For your study and reference, Pastor John's sermon notes are provided above.  You may also want to read two other documents, mentioned by Pastor John in his sermon. The first is the Assemblies of God position paper Abstinence from Alcohol, and the second is a news article on the "pub church."

(Regarding the AOG position paper, Pastor John makes this comment: "I approve of virtually all that is stated in this article with only one major objection that is not directly related to the article itself: I do not at all approve of quoting from The Message as though that is an accurate translation of God’s Word. The Message is not a Bible translation; it is called a paraphrase. It is actually one man’s commentary, and a very poor, inaccurate one which corrupts the Word of God. I do not advocate its use under any circumstance.  For some simple, accurate info on The Message, read the article Why is the Message (Bible) not safe?")

Should Christians Consume Alcoholic Beverages? - Part 1   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 21, 2018  |  63:19 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
In recent years, an increasing number of believers are approving alcohol consumption by Christians as long as they don't become intoxicated.  Many pastors also accept it and are even encouraging their congregants to frequent bars so they can reach people for Christ.  How does God looks at it?  This is part one of a sermon that tackles this controversial topic by carefully examining Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures.

Building the House   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 14, 2018  |  51:04 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The house of the Lord under the New Covenant refers to the church and to the individual lives of believers, whose bodies are the temple of Holy Spirit.  This sermon exhorts you to focus on building your life as a holy place for God to dwell.  This will naturally result in building the church of Jesus Christ.

A Great Move of God   Pastor John DiZazzo  |  January 7, 2018  |  49:58 min:sec  |  Download  |  Notes
The church of Jesus Christ today needs a great move of God, as was experienced by the early church and was recorded in the Book of Acts.  This sermon, based on Acts chapter 4, examines what the signs of a great move of God are and what precedes a great move of God.