Hope for the Hurting Brochure

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In the early years of Bethany Revival Center's ministry, the Lord called us to be a place of healing and restoration for hurting people. We have worked with many hurting people over the years, with the Lord's calling always burning and growing in our hearts.

Recently, the Lord began to impress upon us that we should intensify our outreach efforts. As God's children, we are being called to reach into the "dark places of the earth (that) are full of the habitations of cruelty" (Psalm 74:20). It is time for Christ's love for the broken and bruised to bring healing, restoration and freedom from sin. That's what Hope for the Hurting is all about, and it is the major focus of Bethany Revival Center's ministry. 


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Bringing Hope Through the Power of the Cross

Hope for the Hurting

​Our mission is to help people develop strong personal relationships with Jesus Christ and become more functional, successful and productive citizens.

​As we have worked with a variety of people through the years, we have seen a great need for intensive spiritual support and discipleship in two settings – a supervised residential setting, and independent living arrangements.

​We are currently creating a program that will include twelve months of spiritual training, instruction and support. Many participants will live in a dormitory setting at the church. We will also offer life skills training; financial counseling; and transportation to medical appointments, job interviews and other essential activities. We will help participants find jobs, independent housing, household furnishings and other resources as needed.

​We're praying and expecting the Lord to work through Hope for the Hurting to help many people become strong in the new life of Jesus Christ and prepared to make heaven their eternal home.