Hope for the Hurting


In the early years of Bethany Revival Center’s ministry, the Lord called us to be a place of healing and restoration for hurting people. We have worked with many hurting people over the years, with the Lord’s calling always burning and growing in our hearts.

Then  the Lord began to impress upon us that we should intensify our outreach efforts.

For more information, read the Hope for the Hurting Brochure, or call Pastor Judy DiZazzo, Director Hope for the Hurting, at 316.269.1555, then press 2.

As a testimony of what God can do, read the true account below of someone whom God delivered and healed from severe emotional and physical wounds she had endured from an early age into adulthood.




Testimony of Deliverance

“I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, the seventh child out of 10. Having a large family seemed to be more than my mom and dad could handle. My dad was an alcoholic, but somehow he managed to work while my mom stayed home with us kids.

“The early years of my life were like a whirlwind. We moved from place to place, never settling anywhere for any length of time. When I was six, my parents joined a church in Arkansas City, Kansas, where we were living at the time. My dad continued drinking and loved the night life even though he played a role at church on Sundays. Words cannot describe the fear and horror I felt as I watched the violence and abuse my mom had to endure at the hands of my dad and, later on, other men.

“My dad and the pastor’s wife eventually fell in love and left their families to be with each other. In a short time the enemy came in and completely devoured the two families. We stayed with dad until his new wife gave him an ultimatum–the kids or me—and he chose her. Because my dad had kept our mom from seeing us, she was now out of the picture.

“From this point on, life was one nightmare after another. Our lives were turned upside down as my dad passed us from one person to another, often leaving us with people we did not even know. During this time, I began to be physically and sexually abused, something that would continue over the years at the hands of many. Even today, I wouldn’t want to share details, because it would be too humiliating…

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